Talltique – Revolutionizing the Way Tall Women Shop for Clothes

Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Helen Pappas, I’m 6’3″ and I’m the owner of a brand new tall women’s clothing boutique called Talltique. I studied Marketing and Art at Georgetown University and graduated last May. I enjoy traveling and trying new foods, as well as horseback riding and yoga.

What do you love most about being tall? I love that being tall gets me noticed when I walk into a room, and that I can finally feel confident while wearing beautiful and flattering clothes. I also love that being tall has allowed me to find a passion in helping other tall women feel great about themselves too.

What inspired you to start your company? My entire life I have struggled to find clothing that is both stylish and fits my extra long limbs well. My sophomore year of college I took an entrepreneurship class and the professor told me that the best business ideas often come from problems within our own lives. This inspired me to write a business plan and pursue my dream of opening a store with great clothes specifically for tall women like me.

Tell us a little about Talltique. Talltique is my dream come true, and hopefully it will be yours, too! Our goal is to provide tall women with high quality, extra long clothes that are on trend as well as flattering. Not only do we care about being stylish, we also care about where our clothing comes from. Our intention is to stock as much merchandise as possible that was manufactured within the United States or under fair labor practices. We want to help our customers build a wardrobe with a combination of classic styles and trendy options that fit beautifully.

What can we expect next from Talltique? While we are starting small we hope to expand our collection to include everything from yoga clothing to business wear. We are looking forward to carrying TallWater Yoga Pants which will compliment the rest of our yoga line-up! This includes extra long yoga mats (7′ long!),  flattering palazzo pants and fun yoga tanks and tops. Our website will be available for online orders this summer, but in the meantime our showroom in Arlington, Virginia is open for appointments.

What advice would you give to women about embracing their height? I think it is important to love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin. I know it can be hard to feel good about yourself when you can’t find clothing that fits. By providing tall women with clothes that make them look and feel beautiful, I hope that they can accept and embrace their height like I have. To me, its important for tall women to view their height as an asset because being tall is a blessing!

What is one of your favorite articles of clothing right now? I’m loving my oyster colored Mini Soft Trench coat by Prairie Underground. This is a belted short trench coat made in the US from organic cotton. It has super long sleeves and is perfect for those cooler spring days. I bring it with me almost every day when I’m out and about!

What would tall women be surprised to find in your closet? They would be surprised to see that I actually own a lot of maxi dresses! And I mean FLOOR length… with heels on! Since I have been ordering samples for Talltique I am lucky enough to finally own maxi dresses that are really long enough, and I have never had this opportunity before. Now, you too can be lucky enough to own dresses that are made for “your heightened sense of style.”

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