Working Woman: Helen Pappas creates Talltique, a clothing boutique for tall women

(WJLA) – For one Working Woman, shopping for clothes was a frustrating process. She stands 6-foot-4 and could never find clothes that fit her.

So, Helen Pappas took matters into her own hands, helping other tall women along the way.

“It was always so hard walking into a room at school or at church and standing so much taller than everyone and everyone turning to look at me because I was so tall,” Pappas.

Pappas has spent her life looking down on pretty much everyone else, literally. Even as a child she was taller than the rest of her family. Her mom is just 5-foot-4 and her grandmother is even shorter.

Her family understood Helen’s dramatic growth after she was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder called Marfan Syndrome.

Bbut her struggle to find clothes continued.

“It was kind of a Catch 22. Okay, do I buy clothes that are way too big or do I buy guys clothes that are kind of long enough but they’re for boys?”

While at Georgetown University, she drew up a business plan for a store that sells clothes specifically for tall women.

Pappas worked in retail for a few years and then launched Talltique in her home.

“Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their own skin and I think that clothing is such an integral part of that,” Pappas says.

She has sold to everyone from members of the WNBA to young girls.

Pappas says she loves filling a need she has longed for for years.

“Your clothing dictates so much about your self confidence and how you carry yourself. It really makes a difference in people’s lives,” she says.

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