Suggestions on Self-Love for Tall Women

Sydney Wilson - Talltique Brand Ambassador
Our Plus Basic Tops and Tanks are a staple for Sydney!

Being different is never easy. Being different in the way that we tall ladies are, is hard to deal with and unfortunately there’s not one thing that you can do to change your height physically. But, I now know that there are ways we can help ourselves to minimize the issues we face as tall women. As much as I’ve enjoyed my height, one big problem I always faced was shopping as a 6’6” woman.

In my 26 years I’ve learned that being a tall woman, while it’s not easy, is so very special. I’ve found that being tall makes me a part of an exclusive and elite community. Being tall has also opened so many doors for me (no, I’m not talking about sports) in regards to lifelong friendships, relationships and special opportunities. Through this gift of height that we share, I was introduced to my best friend Helen who also happens to be the owner of Talltique. From the beginning of our friendship, I knew that she would change tall women’s lives forever… including mine.

Sydney Wilson in 38" Skinny Yoga Jeans
Sydney in her 38″ Skinny Yoga Jeans in Dark Navy. These have been one of her favorite pairs since the beginning!

I will never forget the first time I tried on a pair of Talltique jeans in my senior year of college. It was Helen’s first batch of jeans for Talltique, and it was literally the first time that jeans actually fit me! I cried tears of joy because it is a huge deal for a 6’6” woman like me to find stylish clothes that fit perfectly. I like to tell the story of my first Talltique experience to many tall women, because it is so common for us leggy ladies to struggle finding style, comfort AND length. This was a genuine turning point in my life because I now had clothes that fit, which bolstered my confidence and totally eased my stresses of shopping. Unfortunately, shopping was truly one of the major problems I faced as a tall woman. Just as it did for me, Talltique is here to change our lives as tall women one pair of jeans, or jacket, or maxi skirt at a time.

We all know that the good things in life take work and they don’t come easily. While being a tall lady isn’t easy, it is a great thing and it is amazing. I can honestly say that Talltique has helped me to love the skin I’m in, even more than I did before.

You were born into your gift of height and you can easily capitalize on the amazing parts of being a tall woman. Some of the perks include holding the gift of being memorable and walking into a room commanding attention and respect by default. Height can’t be taught and you alone hold that reward. ​Enjoy your natural gifts tall ladies and always remember to love the skin you are in!

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